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The Man Behind the Brush

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An avid Portlander, Brand grew up surrounded by the arts. His artist mother, Hazel Schlesinger, instilled a love of painting in him from an early age.  After graduating high school, Brand went on to study engineering at the prestigious, surprisingly Catholic, Santa Clara University.  He dominated the civil engineering realm, graduating top of his class (at least top 25) to the admiration of teens and moms alike.  He spent some time working as a civil engineer, but the economy went to crap so he picked up a paintbrush.  Feeling compelled to explore his desire to create he began painting regularly. In June of 2010, Brand was able to work side by side with his mother in the Provence region of France while being instructed by Kim English and Andi Mascarenas. This unique opportunity allowed him to refine his skills, and gave him further discipline. He was soon painting daily. Brand is able to draw upon his strong connection with the living Earth. Along with plein air painting, his background in photography allows him to capture his natural inspirations.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Realty Trust Show

Click on either of these and they'll get bigger.
I promise.

Some More Sketches

Here are some sketches... I'm awful at posting on this damn thing. As I regain my footing in life, which I'm confident will happen, you'll see more of these.
An attempt to climb a mountain (see al pal succeed)

An attempt at portraits (more to come of these)

An attempt to apply more paint

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts

On the last weekend of June, Brand's painting "Junie" (fitting, eh?) was awarded two awards at the LOFA. 
-Honorable Mention - Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts
-Artist Recognition: Oils - Art Media

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cannon Beach Arts Association

Eureka! 3 of my paintings are being shown at the Cannon Beach Arts Association. If you happen to be going to the beach (in Oregon), you should stop by and see the work that is hanging. There are twenty or so paintings being shown here for a juried competition that took place last week. They will be up until the 21st of June. Go check them out!

The three paintings on the front page of the blog are being shown.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Series of Sketches

I am leaving tomorrow for another workshop! This class will be taught by jennifer mcchristian. Here is a link:

Because I like you, I'll try and upload sketches each night of the workshop... maybe every other... we'll just see how things go.

For better or worse, I have been absorbed in "real work" for the last few weeks and have not painted as much as I would have liked. However, I have done a few sketches in preparation for the class. It's been nice painting on linen for these. I find there is a lot less pressure to complete a painting as to not waste a canvas. I think this provides an interesting style which is much more instantaneous. Some may construe that as lazy. Some people are jerks.

You may peruse these sketches by going to the FlickR link above. But, for your convenience I will now attempt (with my vast computer know-how) to attach these sketches in this post... please be patient, as I'm very good with computers. I'm also sarcastic.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mark Schlesinger Rocks Socks Off

Hello Hello!
I recently (today) got an updated CD of photos. On this Compact Disk O' Fun there are several well done photos of my works, graciously taken by Mark Schlesinger. Mark, a professional photographer on sabbatical, has taken a  great step towards reinvigorating his photography career by doing this menial task for his nephew.

Hope you enjoy, make sure to look at the FlickR thingy.

Artist Suffers Dreadful Clam Wound. Recovered, Months Later

Regretfully, I must inform you that the artist of this web thingy suffered a traumatic injury 2 months ago in Oceanpark, Wa. While running on the beach like a small dog chasing seagulls, Brand eviscerated his big toe on the shell of a razor clam. Attached is a photo of the dramatic undertaking, just hours after the injury was inflicted.

"Ow! That really smarts!" -Brand
Brand found it difficult to get back into painting. Having to wear a bandaid on his big toe really inhibited his creative essence. He was left to wallow in self pity, drinking copious amounts of hot totties to "ease the pain." Once friends and family began to ignore his whimpering and night terrors of giant clams, Brand began to paint again. For those of you who still have sympathy and an ounce of mercy, you may send flowers and gift baskets to his parents house where he will most likely enter soon, sneaking through the side door to get to the refrigerator faster.